Ceramic Tile Mural of The Streets of Paris

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Tile Murals

Streets of Paris panaramic Ceramic Tile Mural

Ceramic tile murals have been used for thousands of years to adorn buildings from the most regal palaces to humble abodes. These hand formed and hand painted ceramic tiles were used all through history from Mesopotamia to China and all throughout Europe as an enduring method of capturing beauty and preserving art in architecture.

Over the years technology has revolutionized the way in which tiles can be mass produced and machine glazed or created using sublimation. However, there remain a small number of artists like Florida artist Kathy B. Carroll who hold dear the traditions of hand painting and firing their ceramic tile murals to create one of a kind works of art to adorn your palace.

Ceramic tile murals can be used as kitchen backsplash murals, bathroom murals or shower surround murals outdoor kitchen murals or pool area murals and patio murals. All murals are available as either ceramic tile murals or tumbled marble murals. Click on the thumbnail photos to view an enlarged picture.

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